Trump’s Lawyer Goes On Live Television

There are many things happening right now that the liberals want to make about President Donald Trump. But for the most part, they can not find a real argument against the man. He has been doing a great job working for the safety of the American people. The one thing we will always get with Trump is the peace of mind that he will always put our needs first. But the liberals do not care about any of that. They are only interested in getting him impeached.

But there are people that are willing to stick up for him. One of those people is his lawyer. He tells us about the things that we really need to be talking about. Obviously President Trump is tired of hearing about all of the things he did wrong. They are false. James Comey is a proven liar. Trump’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow went on nation television and told Americans what is really going on here.

The issue of the leak from James Comey to his friend at Columbia Law School, that was ultimately leaked to the New York Times, is unprecedented.”

“I mean, I want everyone to be thinking about this. The current — then current FBI director took contemporaneous notes, put them on a form, used government facilities to do that. If an FBI agent does that, they usually fill out a form 302.”

Could you imagine what would happen if an FBI agent then leaked that form 302 out to the New York Times, what the allegations would be? So this was an unprecedented move.”

We are seeing some very unprecedented things going on in our government right now. The mainstream media is turning this into a witch hunt against President Trump like they always do.

Are you tired of seeing this kind of attack from the liberals?




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