Michigan Bans Foreign Laws

Refugees have turned into a global issue, and the United States were also forced to handle the refugee wave, thanks to Obama. The former president created the worst refugee program, and harmed our country to an almost irreversible extent.

Michigan is largely affected by the refugee crisis, and hate grows in every part of the area. Obama encouraged Muslims to ask for their rights, and now they are literally abusing this encouragement.

Obama wanted us to believe that Muslims are here to taste our culture, and live the American dream, but it’s more than obvious that most of these people are here to take over. Remember how Muslims tried to introduce their Sharia law in US institutions? Yes, that’s the very same law that allows Muslims to kill gay people.

Muslims are sort of exaggerating with their “religious right.” Some of them are led by this fanatic religious belief, and end up killing innocent people. Instead of honoring Ramadan, Muslim terrorists killed many people across Europe and the US.

Michigan citizens have had enough of this nonsense, and they decided to stand against Muslims, and protect our country. It was about time that someone helps President Donald Trump to handle the situation.

Muslims planned to dominate the United States, but Michigan did the unthinkable, and stopped this. President Trump encouraged citizens across the country to take the matter in their own hands, and it seems like the situation is under control.

Now Michigan residents won’t be allowed to use other countries’ laws in courts. This stands in a bill proposed by Rep. Michele Hoitenga. Let’s not forget that Dearborn hosts over 103,000 Muslims.

What do you think about Michigan’s decision to ban foreign laws? Do you think this will improve the situation in the state? How will Obama react to this?




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