Krauthammer Says Comey “Trump-ian”

There have been many people to chime in on the James Comey testimony. For the most part, liberals thought that they had President Donald Trump beat. They found out the hard way that Trump had actually been cleared of any wrongdoing. That has not stopped them from trying to push their liberal lies down the throats of millions of Americans like they always do. Now, conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer has finally given his thoughts on the subject.

It seems that the longer President Trump is in office the more desperate liberals get. They desperately want President Trump to be impeached and after this testimony they have run out of ideas. It looks as though they have gone so far as to completely fabricate stories. CNN has had to come out with a retraction after a story about Trump and Comey and liberals were not happy.

Krauthammer points of that James Comey is obviously angry with President Trump and wants to get some revenge. This had a big impact on what he told the committee.

“I hate to put it this way, but he showed a Trump-ian side of himself. If to be Trump-ian is to fight back, never to take it – as Trump says, ‘I hit back ten times as hard as I’ve been hit – this is what Comey did,” Krauthammer explains.

“Basically, he was very angry about the way he was gotten rid of, the brutal way it was done, it was also a very politically stupid way to do it,” he goes on.

This is exactly what happened and it is Trump that is taking the brunt of it. Comey was seeking revenge against the master of revenge and it will likely backfire. With that being said, President Trump has nothing to worry about legally.

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