Jeff Sessions To Testify

The James Comey testimony has opened many eyes into what the FBI Director does on a daily basis. There was a real reason this man got fired and it is obvious that he needed to go. Comey would have been fired whether Donald Trump was in office or not. His testimony brought many new details on what happened to the table. For the most part, Americans did not know exactly what happened during the meetings between President Trump and Comey. This testimony helped us figure that out.

Ever since the testimony, Americans have been rushing to attack President Trump for the way he handled the investigation. Though the president might have made a few mistakes, it was nothing illegal that he did. He should not be attacked for any incriminating evidence against him. This is exactly what the liberal media has been trying to do. They are trying to close the book on Trump but we cannot let that happen.

It is there absolute goal to destroy President Trump and get him impeached. They have been working towards that goal ever since he took office in January and it is no different now. But there has been some good news for Trump after the testimony.

One of his most trusted staff members will be testifying before the committee to give his side of the story. Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants to give his details on the events surrounding James Comey. This could be big for President Trump who even offered to testify himself. Though he has more important things to take care of this could be a good decision for him.




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