Ivanka Will Run New WH Project

The testimony of the former FBI Director James Comey was the star of every event in the last few days, but now the President’s daughter, Ivanka, stole the show. This is a clear sign that the White House didn’t stop for a second, and staffers are already on a new project led by Ivanka. Liberals will probably be furious about her new job.

Next week is actually the “workforce development week,” and the Trump administration is announcing brand new actions based on “streamlining current federal job training programs.” The new projects are also focused on boosting apprenticeship programs. Ivanka already hold the position of personal adviser to the President, and now she will lead the upcoming events accompanied with the President’s “major policy speech.”

According to White House officials, the new administration is re-organizing current workforce development programs. They will also work on making existing spending more efficient instead of requiring a new federal funding. Officials say that the administration observes 43 job training programs in 13 different government agencies, which is about $16.7 billion a year in federal funds. Some of these are ineffective, as confirmed by officials.
The new administration is working on new steps that would enable business and trade groups to obtain new apprenticeship programs.

“The reality is that there are still Americans seeking employment despite low unemployment rates, and companies are struggling to fill vacancies for positions that require varied levels of skills and training. So the Trump administration is committed to working very closely to close the skills gap,” Ivanka Trump explained.

This opens a whole new era in the administration, and we’re looking forward to the further development of events. There’s no better proof that the new administration is doing its job properly.

What do you think about this program? Do you support Ivanka?




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