Tucker Fights Against The Idea Of Having “Safe Spaces” In The US

“Safe spaces” are the least safe thing for our budget. The idea of having these is so bad, that most people can’t imagine funding the “safe spaces,” because that would mean that we allow extremists to express their views “without fear of being surveilled.”

Blair Imani dreams of creating this. She is one of the very few American activists who believes that the Australian government could fund these “safe spaces.” Imani also believes that these safe spaces can be exported to America, adding that it would be one of the greatest ideas ever.

Tucker Carlson couldn’t keep his mouth shut, and he compared Europe and Australia. He went on explaining how Muslims in Australia fight for these safe spaces, and Muslims in Europe kill innocent people. “In Australia, it is Muslims who are declaiming they’re the ones who need safe spaces,” said Carlson.
A group called the Islamic Council of Victoria, which says it represents 200,000 Muslims in Australia, is calling on the government there to fund a series of safe spaces, where they say Muslims can safely express — this is a quote — ‘inflammatory views that would cause trouble if voiced publicly,’” Carlson said.

Imani is the executive director of the New York-based Equality for HER. She told Carlson that America could benefit from these taxpayer-funded “safe spaces.” Well, we definitely know what she was trying to say.

“I’m talking about safe spaces being somewhere where you can be who you are without fear of being surveilled, having violence committed against you or being harassed. And I think it’s a good idea to have everywhere,” Imani said.

Well, this could change everything. American taxpayers can’t pay for these people. That’s just not right.

What do you think about the idea of having “safe spaces” in the United States? Do you think President Donald Trump will approve this?




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