Sessions Brings New Memo To Cut Obama Tradition

Barack Obama is finally out of the oval office, and most Americans couldn’t wait for his presidency to end. America had the toughest times under Obama, and taxpayers are glad that their money are finally safe. Attorney General Jeff Sessions will give him a hand on this one. We bet that Democrats won’t like any of the things Sessions is about to do.

Sessions made a bold move against corruption, and now he is ending the decades-long DOJ practice employed by Obama. Let’s just say that Obama used this money to fund his Democrat friends.

The US Department of Justice used this practice to force DOJ case defendants to give money to “community organizations,” and the government picked the organizations.

Things went this way: Obama picked a big corporation that’s somehow stuck in big legal troubles. The 2008 financial crisis threw many banks in a large pool of lawsuits. They were all sued for inappropriate lending practices.

Obama’s DOJ “visited” the corporations, and offered them a favorable settlement deal. The corporations were then supposed to send money to a community group picked by the government.

Planned Parenthood, The National Council of La Raza and the National Urban league were some of the recipients. So, the DOJ was actually fundraising for organizations that support abortion and illegal immigration.

Attorney General destroyed Obama’s money-making empire with a single memo. The memo would fix the damage made by Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

“Effective immediately, Department attorneys may not enter into any agreement on behalf of the United States in settlement of federal claims or charges … that directs or provides for a payment or loan to any non-governmental person or entity that is not a party to the dispute,” read Sessions’ memo.

What do you think about this memo? How will Obama react to it?




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