President Trump Throws Down Binders

President Trump is working for the American people. He wants to make sure that Americans are put first. After 8 years of Barack Obama, this is a refreshing thing to hear. The American people deserve a president like Donald Trump. He will do great things in this country for the next 8 years.

When the American people voted Donald Trump into office, they were trusting that their feelings would be put first. So far, he has been doing just that. He gave a speech recently about the United States infrastructure. This has been a big point in his presidency so far.

“The theft of American prosperity has come to a screeching halt and a new era of American greatness is about to begin,” President Trump said during a speech. “It is time to recapture our legacy as a nation of builders –and to create new lanes of travel, commerce and discovery that will take us into the future.”
Now there are many things that this country needs to get better at. Obviously Americans want to keep their jobs stable. President Trump will do whatever takes for Americans to keep their jobs.

“Coal miners like Trump…so do steel workers,” he goes on. “We are going to stop these other countries from coming in and killing our companies—American steel will get more and bigger.” Energy in this country has been harder and harder to come by recently. Liberals want the United States to turn into a liberal safe haven. President Donald has said no.

The media has been trying to attack Trump for everything he has done. They have posted false stories and many of them have even had to be retracted. The James Comey testimony has made that fact even worse. We are seeing the media actively try to destroy President Trump.




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