Lara Had The Most Exciting Baby Shower Ever

The Trump family is growing big, and President Donald Trump is more than happy to have another grandchild coming his way. This was one of the very few bright things in the past few months. The Trumps have been a constant target, and Lara’s pregnancy was definitely something we all cheer to.

Eric and Lara told reporters how the President would almost tell everyone that he will have another grandchild, but luckily, he managed to control the situation. This is one of the merriest moments in the President’s everyday life, and let’s be honest, the beginning of his presidency wasn’t too bright and easy.

Now Lara had her baby shower, and it was too pretty to handle. Eric’s wife invited her dearest friends and family members, including Ivanka and Fox News host Judge Jeanine.

Lara’s followers could see the photos she posted on Instagram. She posed with her husband, Eric, Vanessa, Ivana and Ivanka. It was brilliant! Baby showers are the most touching thing ever.

The family moment was held at Altesi Ristorante in New York City. Lara invited top figures, and some of them played an important role in the President’s campaign. The former campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson was there, too. Lara also invited White House aide Omarosa Manigualt, Diamond and Silk.

Judge Jeanine Pirro honored Lara, and they two took a selfie. Amazing!

Eric and Lara revealed the great news in March, and their baby will probably “arrive” somewhere in September. They were supper excited about Lara’s pregnancy, and couldn’t wait to share the news with everybody. You’re already guessing… President Trump was super happy!




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