NBC Takes Out Part Of Putin Interview

The mainstream media has been trying to push against President Donald Trump ever since he announced he was running. These attacks range from silly to dangerous to flat out false. Something should be done about the way they handle their news because it is starting to get worse and worse. President Trump deserves to be treated with respect just like Barack Obama was. But the liberals do not care about that. They only want to see him impeached.

Well, some mainstream media outlets have been called out on their lies and it is starting to seem more and more obvious what they are doing. NBC held an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Megyn Kelly. This interview aired and it seemed like there were some questionable parts.

Putin at one point says, “It does not sound like justification. It sounds like a statement of fact. Each action invites appropriate counteraction, but, again, we don’t need to do that because I did not tell you this without a reason, both you personally and other members of the media, recently I was in France and I said the same things.”

“Russia had no channels of communication with neither campaign, the campaigns of the US Presidential candidates. None whatsoever. Russia did not set up and did not have any channels with anyone. There may have been official contacts with the campaigns of all the candidates, which is a standard diplomatic practice.”

Interesting answers from Putin. And it has now been reported that there are certain things that have been edited out of the interview. One of those places was when Putin explained that Kelly and other executives at NBC should be in prison for the way they have covered the news. Pretty crazy words coming from the Russian President.

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