Mattis Teaches Obama A Military Lesson

Former President Barack Obama never respected the US military, and he never honored veterans. Our military became part of his social media experiment. Remember how Obama tried to open the military for transgender “soldiers?” This was nothing but a huge mockery. Our brave soldiers never deserved such treatment, and Mattis gave Obama the lesson of his life.

President Donald Trump did things better. He knows how to honor war veterans, and give them the support they need. The US military was one of the greatest powers in this world, and Obama would almost turn it into ashes.

Mad Dog Mattis has a brand new role, and he has the perfect plan to stop Obama’s nonsense. Liberals will be too desperate to hear that Mattis will change things in a better way.

Obama tried to put transgender individuals in the army. Mattis stopped his plans, and Obama’s ridiculous game was over.
Transgender soldiers were supposed to enter the army. The May 8 memo from Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work encourages service secretaries and chiefs of armed services to literally asses the military’s “readiness to begin accepting transgender applicants on July 1, 2017.”

This memo actually tells services to back out of welcoming transgender troops.

“The personnel policies of this Department are designed to enhance the warfighting readiness and lethality of the force that protects our country. We do not intend to reconsider prior decisions unless they cause readiness problems that could lessen our ability to fight, survive and win on the battlefield,” the memo read.

Liberals won’t like any of this, but they should learn that President Trump is only doing the best for our country. Things are finally going in the right direction, and we all hoped for this to happen.

What do you think about this memo? Do you support it?




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