CNN Gets Caught With Fake News Again

CNN has a problem. They just cannot seem to understand that people do not trust the news that they put out. Many times the network has had to come out with an official apology over what they have published. President Donald Trump loves to pick on CNN and for good reason. The “news” that they put out is not real. Just the other day we saw them staging protesters in London after the attacks.

CNN has been some of the most vocal critics of the president. They are totally unfair to the 45th President of the United States and it needs to stop very quickly. Of all the fake mainstream media, CNN could very well be the worst. It is almost like they do not even follow the real news. They will only publish stuff that goes directly against the president.

What happened the the days when the media would report the news? Now it has turned into nothing more than a partisan cesspool with no end in sight. When the President of the United States is seeing personal attacks against his family and 11 year old son, we might have a problem.

There is no reason why CNN should not report on the real news. It seems like every day there is a new story about President Trump that is later proved to be completely fabricated. Either CNN needs a new fact checker or a new attitude. The hate; the genuine hate; shown towards Trump is frightening to put it nicely.

These companies need to learn that they are hurting nobody but themselves when they post the lies that they post. Just today, all of them have tried to turn the Comey testimony into a bad thing for President Trump. Here is the thing, the testimony actually went over quite nicely for the president.

But we will never see that in the news.




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