James Comey being Sued By Former Employee

The Barack Obama scandal is in full swing. There are so many new findings that prove how much of a fraud this man is. It seems like this would be enough to get him to go to prison, but for now we wait. There are now new indications that say former FBI Director James Comey might have helped the former president with his spying practices.

Last month, the wesite Circa put out newly declassified documents that revealed the FBI spied illegally on American citizens. This was highly illegal and could put many people in prison if we find out all of the details. Now, a former employee of Comey is suing him for letting this illegal practice take place.

An employee by the name of Dennis Montgomery was an intelligence contractor. He has officially filed a lawsuit against James Comey and other high level government officials. The whole spying allegations started when President Trump accused Barack Obama of spying on him. He said that the former president looked at his political campaign. This is started to look bigger and bigger every day. He needs to see punishment for his actions.

Dennis Montgomery says that this could be even bigger than the Edward Snowden leaks which means this is huge. Hopefully we will finally see some action in this case. Obama has been proven to have spied on innocent Americans and politicians alike. Liberals have tried to defend him every step of the way, but they can no longer keep up.

Obama did this in order to gain priceless information on his biggest enemies such as President Donald Trump. He would the use this information against them in a way that could hurt them. It is a good thing we are finally seeing the full scale of these practices.




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