SCOTUS “Revives” The Travel Ban

President Donald Trump was the right man to win the elections. He has the right solution for every problem, and picked the right person for every position. Neil Gorsuch was the right person for the empty position in the Supreme Court, and he is already “dusting” the offices.

Democrats didn’t want Gorsuch to become part of the SCOTUS, but their wish didn’t come true. So, now that Justice Gorsuch holds the strings in his hands, the situation will improve dramatically.

Gorsuch will find the perfect way to put things at the right spot, and the circus will have to leave our country. Will liberal judges learn their lesson? This can be quite challenging, but Gorsuch will handle it with ease.

President Trump created the travel ban with the only goal to keep illegal immigrants out of the US. He had the right tools and the right people to make his travel ban real, but Democrats blocked it. These people are determined to undermine the President at any cost. They’d rather have immigrants wandering around, that’s a sure bet.

But, every decent American supports the President’s travel ban. Even higher forces support the President. The Supreme Court just brought one of the biggest decisions in US history, and judges will speed up the process of reviewing the Democrat’s blockage of the travel ban. The Fourth Circuit blocked the executive order, and gave green light to illegals.

This could change the game, and we bet that Democrats never saw this coming.

This is great! President Trump will finally provide a safer future for us all. His travel ban will finally see the light of the day, and we can’t wait for this to happen. It’s time for some positive changes, and the Supreme Court brought the biggest of them all.

What do you think about this? Do you think Democrats will block the travel ban again?




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