O’Reilly Is Back Again

Bill O’Reilly was one of the most popular hosts at Fox News. That’s why Americans were shocked when the Murdochs decided to fire him. O’Reilly spent so many years at the network, and he was terminated with the lamest of all excuses. Liberals did their best to get him kicked out, and their dirty game was actually successful. But, what will liberals say now when O’Reilly is having his new show?

Former Fox News host was accused of sexual harassment, and newspapers wrote how he paid his “victims” to silence them. Murdoch and his sons did an investigation, and kicked out O’Reilly. The host’s lawyers had bold evidence of the game liberals played, but the Murdochs already made big plans for O’Reilly’s position. The family is probably planning to turn the network to the left, and O’Reilly was just an obstacle.

O’Reilly has amazing news for his fans, and he told everyone that he will keep following his biggest passion – give people real news. Ladies and Gentleman, may you all enjoy the “No Spin News.”

The host first said that he will do video news show and even mentioned joining other networks. “So, I hope you consider it and sign up because we will be here Monday through Thursday with our audio broadcast, and we are working on making it a video display. We really appreciate you guys hanging with us the first week on the ‘No Spin News,’ it’s very nice of you to do that. We think we provide a unique perspective on the news, by the way, and as I said in the beginning of this broadcast, we’re going to expand it. So, we’re going to expand it. A lot of people interested, I’m taking my time. There’s a lot of things that I have to clear up, as I mentioned on Monday when I first came on the air. There’s a lot of things in play, and you’ll know what the deal is,” O’Reilly said.

What do you think? Will the Murdochs regret for letting O’Reilly go?




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