Obama Delivered Vicious Critique To Donald Trump In Canada

This Tuesday, former President Barack Obama delivered a vicious set of criticism to his successor President Donald Trump, while speaking to a Canadian audience of 6,000 like-minded liberals, at the event hosted by the Montreal Board of Trade.

Obama first criticized President Trump and accused him of helping the rise of ‘extreme nationalism and xenophobia and the politics of “us-versus-them”,’ but apparently Barry hasn’t took the moment to stop and realize that at least President Trump is doing SOMETHING for the people, and not focusing on his own wealth, unlike Obama.

‘In times of disruption we may go backward instead of forward,’ warned Obama, adding that ‘We’re going to have to replace fear with hope.’

He drew laughter at the Trump administration’s famous embrace of ‘alternative facts’ while accusing the American citizens of not only having disagreements based on opinions, but disagreeing on facts as well.

‘And we’re in an environment where we are only accepting information that fits our opinions, instead of basing our opinions on the facts that we receive. And evidence and reason and logic.

Then Obama being the man ready to run around Europe gathering alliances to stand against President Trump, said, ‘We have to sustain our alliances. We have to help other countries with their own development,’ without mentioning President Trump’ philosophy of “America First.”

According to him, the alternative would be anti-democratic forces swooping in to fill the voids left by globalist cooperation, resulting in ‘intolerance and tribalism and organizing ourselves along ethnic lines.’




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