Mike And Karen Pence Install Beehive On Official Government Property

Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen, are now using a brand new security device. By ‘security device’ we mean 15,000 honeybees.

The residence will now be the new home of these bees, and the beehive was presented today. This move will emphasize the importance of bee colonies, and hopefully, it will raise people’s awareness. Entire bee colonies die, and this could have a negative effect on the agricultural production.

Bees, butterflies, birds and bats give us food, as explained by Karen Pence. She told reporters how pollinators bring food to our table. The event was help in the US Naval Observatory compound in northwest Washington, which is the very same spot of Pence’s official residence.

Honeybee colonies can increase yields and provide quality harvest. This could bring a whooping boost of at least $15 billion dollars per year. However, the deadly decline in honeybee colonies “presents a serious challenge to our ability to produce many of the agricultural products that we sell and enjoy today,” explained Karen.

Managed honeybees pollinate over 90 crops including fruits, veggies, and nuts. The decline is caused by parasites, pests, transportation, and poor nutrition.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue also attended the event, and he said that Karen Pence is a “great example” for us all. We should all follow her example and save honeybees. Perdue confirmed that his department will do its best to prevent any further decline.

You don’t have to install a beehive. Just plant bee-friendly flowers and flowering herbs. That’s what Mrs. Pence suggests. Try planting wildflowers, lilacs, poppies, Black-eyed Susans, mint, sage, squash, tomatoes, oregano and rosemary. Seems great right?

What do you think about Pence’s “security device?’ Do you think this will help people understand the importance of bee colonies? Will the problem become even worse in near future?




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