Bristol Palin Goes After Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin has made a complete fool of herself over and over again. Liberals are doing everything they can in order to protect her from harm. But they are running out of ideas. Something needs to happen so that the attacks against President Trump and his family stop. They are starting to turn threatening in nature and that is not okay. If something like this were to have happened when Barack Obama was president there would have been a massive uproar.

Conservatives have been trying to get after Kathy Griffin ever since the images were leaked. Many prominent conservatives have tried to distance themselves from this matter. Liberals have been doing the same thing. Griffin has now lost all of her jobs and shows. This is what liberals can expect if they continue to attack the president like they are doing.

One conservative has had enough of the liberals antics, however. Bristol Palin has come out and smacked Kathy Griffin’s decision.

“I’m with the rest of the world on Kathy Griffin’s recent photo shoot, and can’t believe a grown woman would pose like she did,” said Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol. “She really does look like the photos you see of Isis terrorists – and now she’s trying to play some role of a victim? Blaming white men?? I don’t get how you can even try to turn the tables on this one. Our president didn’t break you; you broke yourself, and you’re continuing to break any sort of ‘comedic career’ by blaming everyone else.”

She has been facing a lot of hate from everywhere around the county. Something will happen or else President Trump will have to take matters into his own hands. The attacks against his family are disgusting and need to stop right now.

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