Sarah Huckabee Walks Off Stage

There are few things as dangerous as liberals in this country. They have proven time and time again that they will do anything to destroy President Trump, his family and his administration. It comes often and it needs to stop before they go too far. It’s possible that it is too late for that, however. Look at the stunt that comedian Kathy Griffin pulled just a week ago. Liberals think they can get away with anything but they could not be further from the truth.

Now Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been having to deal with the liberal media. She was filling in for Sean Spicer Monday. She started to field the usual questions. Liberals asking why did Trump do this or that. But some of the questions were just totally ridiculous.

One reporter asked about President Trump talking about his travel ban after the London attacks. Liberals have been saying that this was in poor taste and that he never should have done that. But he just wants to protect the United States of America. And that is exactly what she told them.

Sarah said that President Trump does not care about political correctness and only wants to keep Americans safe. Something needs to happen before liberals take these threats too far. The mainstream media wants to push its hurtful and dangerous agenda as far as it can go.

Trump has been facing an unprecedented amount of attacks. Former President Barack Obama never had to deal with anything of this magnitude. Hopefully we can figure out how to work together as a country but we will need the Democrats’ help.

The attacks should have never gone so far. It is sad to see the liberals in this country taking advantage of their own president. But they do not care.




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