Malia Obama Is Seen In NYC

There is something going on with the Obama family. It seems like they just cannot get out of the news. They keep doing things that will purposely get them attention. After all, that is what they want more than anything else. This is a family full of attention seekers. That is what they did when Barack was in office and that is what they do now. He never did care about this country or the people in it. He only cares about himself and his legacy. He wants to now destroy President Trump and he is just waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Barack and Michelle are both in the news all the time. We see them following Trump around everywhere he goes and trying to get in on the action. But they can’t which makes them angry. These people are the worst of the worst. They love to act like they will not attack President Trump and then they go right around and do exactly that.
But now Malia Obama, Barack’s daughter has been getting in the news. She was caught attending a recent showing of Reservoir Dogs in New York City. While this in itself is not big news, it is what her parents were doing at the same time that caught many people’s attention.

Michelle and Barack just bought a multi-million dollar home in Washington DC. They say they did this because it would make it easier for them to stay until their last daughter finishes school. But many people, mostly conservatives, think this could be in order to spy on President Donald Trump, something they are obviously very interested in.

The Obamas will do just about anything to stay relevant Too bad they didn’t use all that money they are getting from their book deal and move to an island somewhere.

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