CNN Faking News

Liberals are the worst of the worst in this country. Everything they do, they do in order to destroy President Trump and his administration. We can see the attacks that he has to endure on a daily basis and they are disgusting. The attacks have definitely gone too far by this point. Even the mainstream liberal media has gotten in on the action.

We all heard about the attacks that took place in London last night. It was a very sad day and it really goes to show how much we need to do to stop the spread of terrorism. But until we cannot start moving in this direction until the liberals stop attacking Trump.

CNN has been caught red-handed. They can be seen in this photo faking the news that they are giving to their liberal viewers. They do this in order to feed false information to their viewers so that they can push their agenda even further. Their viewers will fall for it.

The company can say whatever they want and it will be watched because their viewers do not know truth from false.
Hopefully conservatives can continue to call liberal media out on a daily basis. They really do think that they are selling the truth but that is simply not the case. Something major needs to happen in order for our country to see some real change. It is unfair to President Donald Trump to have to deal with this kind of behavior. Obama never once saw hate like this during his time in office.




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