Army Ranger Goes After Khan

Liberals will do anything to take down President Donald Trump. They have gone to great lengths in order to destroy him. Look at the Kathy Griffin problem. She has somehow turned herself into the victim. That is ridiculous. If the roles were reversed, conservatives would be attacked nonstop. The mainstream media is just as bad. Every day they have stories against President Trump and his policies. It is obvious that President Donald Trump wants to help the problem of terrorism, but liberals will not give him the benefit of the doubt.

We all saw when Londoners chanted for President Trump instead of their own mayor. But now mayor Khan has been getting in some even more trouble. People are starting to call this man out on his horrible ideals.

Former Army Ranger Sean Parnell just went after Mayor Khan.

This is the guy that said terrorist attacks are just part and parcel with living in a big city,” Parnell said during an appearance on Fox News.

“We are well beyond the point of a conversation with the Muslim community,” he continued. “Do you think the parents that had children killed during the Ariana Grande concert want to talk about a freakin’ conversation?” he goes on to ask.

This mayor has been facing severe backlash after his comments on certain subjects. He is supposed to be leading this world class city in a good way but so far it has been anything but. President Trump has been criticism over his words on the London attacks. He only wants to make sure that the United States is safe from these kinds of attacks.

Now we have a first hand look at what it looks like when we let refugees flood into our country.

Hopefully President Trump can figure out how to work with the rest of the world.




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