O’Reilly Speaks About Griffin’s Bloody Photo

Kathy Griffin is going through the worst period in her career. Her sick photo was the last thing she should ever do, and it’s all coming back to her now. Some say that Griffin’s career is brought to an end, and every decent American in the country condemned her for posting the controversial photo. Former Fox News host O’Reilly spoke about Griffin and her reasons to do something like this.

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania called out Griffin for her terrible photo session. We believe that Griffin had no idea of the reactions she’d cause. She was probably led by her hate for President Trump, and didn’t thought that the President’s children will see the shocking photo.

Sources close to the First Family say that Barron screamed after seeing the photo. He thought that something bad had happened to his father. The 11-year-old boy couldn’t even imagine that Griffin is just a bitter comedian who can’t get over the President’s victory.

Bill O’Reilly commented on Griffin’s photo, revealing that he isn’t surprised to see Griffin doing something like this. According to O’Reilly, Griffin “lives in a bubble populated by ideological fanatics, some of whom really do wish violence on the president.” The former host knows that entertainers are giving their best to demean President Trump. It’s all about business and popularity. He is aware of the fact that the Trump haters are hungry for scandals, and their nasty habits need to be pleased.

O’Reilly also spoke about Stephen Colbert, adding that his criticism for President Trump actually took him from the bottom to the top.

The host hopes that Griffin’s career won’t go down the hill, noting that she “was just pandering to the folks with whom she hangs.”

“In my 42 year journalism career, I have never seen anything like it. Compared to Trump, Richard Nixon was treated like Beyoncé,” O’Reilly explained.

What do you think about O’Reilly’s thoughts? Do you think he is right?




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