Eyewitness Reports From London

There has been yet another terrorist attack in London. This comes just weeks after the attack in Manchester at a concert that killed dozens. Terrorism in this world is getting out of control and we must do something in order to help stop the spread of extremism around the world. President Donald Trump has been working very hard in order to get this passed but he needs the help of Democrats.

Now there are stories coming from the people that were there.

“The men said this is for Allah as they left the van and attacked victims. There were definitely three people sitting at the front of the van,” on witness told reporters.

Liberals will come out and try to act like this is not Islam’s fault. But something needs to be done. We cannot continue to let this happen to our brothers and sisters in Europe. This was obviously the work of extreme Islam.

“I thought the van was travelling on wrong side of the road, as though the brakes had failed. The white van had yellow stripes. I veered to the right and people tried to jump out the way,” he went on.

It sounds like there was some real chaos during these attacks. The exact death toll is not known at this time but we will find out the details in the coming hours. It is looking very bad at this point, however.

“No one hurt from van impact but as the men got out the van they started kicking, punching and stabbing victims they ran over. It was a rampage,” they continued.

London needs our prayers more than ever. Just a week after the attack in Manchester when a suicide bomber set off a bomb killing more than 20 people during a Ariana Grande concert.

This is getting bad.




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