Griffin Lawyer Says Barron Is Faking

Kathy Griffin is starting to see the consequences of her actions. The more time goes by, the more trouble she is in. Hopefully soon we will see her get some real punishment. What she did was disgusting and should not happen to the President of the United States. Liberals around the country have been trying to stick up for the comedian saying that what she did was just part of her free speech. The problem is there is a find line between free speech and a threat and she found it.

Her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, has come out saying that President Trump’s son, Barron Trump, was faking when he screamed.

“Allegedly,” Bloom said when asked about the allegations. “We don’t know that. You’re assuming that everything that Trump says is true, and in fact, we know that everything Trump says is false.”

“There’s a lot of disgusting stuff on the news every day, like the fact that Trump is making us the laughing stock of the world,” she continued.

There is obviously a conflict of interest here. Bloom hates President Trump, that much is sure. How can she claim that Trump is lying about something like this? Did she even see the image? It could have easily scared Barron Trump enough that he thought it was real.

Liberals really have hit a new low. This is unheard of even for them. As a result of Griffin’s actions, she was fired from CNN and many others have contemplated getting rid of her shows. This is exactly what needs to happen before we can move on.

Until we figure out how to work as a real country there is no way we can get things done. For anything of substance to come, we have to know when to stop. Kathy Griffin crossed the line. Let’s move on.




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