Dem. Senator Sides With Trump

President Donald Trump has been attacked nonstop since being elected. Everything he does is magnified with the liberal media and it is starting to get even worse. Nothing he does is good enough it their eyes. Even if it is something that they agree with, they will automatically say that it was a bad decision because it does not go with their agenda. Just watch CNN and MSNBC and you will see the lies that are spread on a daily basis. It is impossible for him to get anything done with this kind of hate against him.

But in a rare act of camaraderie, one Democratic Senator has said that he agrees with President Trump. Liberals have been getting onto Trump for leaving the Paris Climate Accord, something that will help the United States tremendously.

Joe Manchin has come out and said that Trump’s decision needed to be made.

“While I believe that the United States and the world should continue to pursue a cleaner energy future, I do not believe that the Paris Agreement ensures a balance between our environment and the economy,” Manchin said during a statement.

“To find that balance, we should seek agreements that prioritize the protection of the American consumer. Also energy-producing states like West Virginia, while also incentivizing the development of advanced fossil energy technologies,” Manchin went on.

These comments came from a Senator from West Virginia, a state who has a collective interest in the coal industry. The decision had to be made for the good of the United States and that is what President Donald Trump is all about. Until Democrats realize that he is working for our country, we will never move on to the point where we need to be. It just goes to show how much of a crossroads this country is at right now.

Trump will figure it out soon.