Shapiro Blasts Kathy Griffin

Everyone condemned Kathy Griffin for her sick photo. The comedian posed with the bloody head of the President, and she seems to be proud of her photo session. But, Shapiro doesn’t share the same opinion.

Griffin decided to make fun of the President, but, experts agree that she was inciting violence. She did a terrible thing, and she’s already bearing the consequences of her actions.

CNN decided to terminate their agreement with Griffin, and she won’t be part of their New Year Eve’s program. Well, CNN isn’t the only network that cancelled Griffin’s shows. She will soon lose every deal, and that’s just part of her end.

We all know how Griffin detests President Trump, and even said she will attack Barron, but we never thought that she’d do anything like this. Maybe the whole thing was an attempt to harm Barron. A source close to the family said that Barron screamed when he saw the photo. The poor boy thought that the head was real, and that something bad had happened to his father.

Griffin apologized for going too far, but that was just the initial impression. Now she is stronger than ever, and we all saw her being proud of her photo session.

“He picked the wrong redhead. … I’m going to make fun of the president, and I’m going to make fun of him more now. I’m under a Secret Service investigation, and I get what I am. I’m the shiny object. I’m the shiny object so that nobody’s talking about his FBI investigation. … I screwed up, [but] I’m not laying down for this,” Griffin explained during her press conference.

However, Shapiro did an amazing job with his latest tweet. Griffin deserves this!

What do you think about Shapiro’s strike? Do you think he did the right thing?




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