Melania Trump Downsizes East Wing From Michelle Obama

After spending several months living in the NYC Trump Tower, Melania Trump has finally started on her final preparations to make the White House her official home for a time to come. The First Lady intentionally stayed in New York City so her son Barron could finish the school year, but now that June is right around the corner, it seems that we will finally see the whole Trump package smiling together at the White House.

But that is not where the good news end. According to reports, Melania will actually reduce the East Wing in both finances and agenda, mainly by downsizing her staff to just 10 people which represents an incredible contrast when compared to Michelle Obama’s 26-people staff.

In other words, the approximate $1,750,000 annually spent on staffers for Michelle will be reduced in half by Melania, so in a way, it is safe to say that she has managed to find yet another way to set an example.

Melania also stated that her focus will be on a single issue during her time as First Lady. For now, rumors claim that she will be focused on fighting “cyberbullying” but no official reports have confirmed that as of now.

So instead of blowing precious taxpayer dollars on bogus campaigns such as “Let’s Move!” or “Let Girls Learn” while millions of American children were throwing away their lunches thanks to her, the children will be educated for something that is very real and happening in the very place they spend most of their time nowadays – the internet.

If you ask us, it is incredibly reassuring to see that the White House is finally operated by a family who cares about the American citizens, and not just for publicity.




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