Griffin Apologized

Comedian Kathy Griffin just did the worst joke in her career. She seemed to be having lots of fun during her disgusting photo session, but she won’t have that much fun once the charges knock on her door.

Griffin decided to play a game, and posed with the President’s bloody head hanging in her head. Snoop Dog did the same thing, and we can already say that ‘disgusting’ is too mild for this. Griffin’s photo was the sickest thing we’ve ever seen a liberal do. They are usually just words and no actions, but this time things went too far.

Top hosts and celebrities came with statements after Griffin’s sick post, and they all condemned her move. We knew that Griffin hates President Trump, but nobody ever though that she’d do anything like this. Maybe Griffin was just trying to regain her popularity. However, she picked the worst tool ever.

Did Griffin ever think that her photo will shock the President’s family? Words can’t describe her photo, and we know that she won’t get away with this. Let’s hope that President Trump will do the right thing, and teach her a lesson. This should be a lesson for every liberal who considers doing something similar to Griffin’s sick photo. Oh, it’s even impossible to express how disturbing this photo is. What on Earth was Griffin thinking when she posed?

We still wait to see the President’s next move, and he better come with a solution to this problem. Things like this shouldn’t happen, and the nonsense has to stop. It’s okay to don’t like the President, but the man deserves all the respect for all the good thing he has done for our country. It seems like Griffin knows she did a bad thing, and she came with a new statement after the scandal broke.
Kathy Griffin deserves to be Arrested for doing this to President Trump, invite all you friends to sign the petition. We must collect 100,000 Signatures!




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