BREAKING: Kathy Griffin’s Show Cancelled!

Newest reports have coming in claiming that the Route 66 Casino in Albuquerque has just canceled Kathy Griffin’s show in July, as a result of the gruesome image she shared earlier this Tuesday.

The casino saw this as the only proper way to respond to the negative backlash Griffin has received for posting a video of her holding a “beheaded” President Trump. The video crossed so many lines and is wrong on so many levels, and as of right now, Griffin isn’t supported by anybody, not even the left. Even Chelsea Clinton called the video “vile” and “wrong.”

As mentioned earlier, even the Secret Service posted on their official Twitter account claiming that they will be taking a look into the situation without directly mentioning Griffin.

But shortly after, Griffin seems to have realised in what kind of a whole she fell, and overwhelmed by the negative backlash she received even by the far left, she posted a video on both her Facebook and Instagram account, apologizing for her distasteful video.




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