Tomi Lahren Finds New Job At Trump Group

Lots has happened in the world of conservative media lately. We all know about what happened to Bill O’Reilly. He was fired after unproven claims that he sexually harassed numerous women surfaced. This decision made by Fox News was met with severe criticism and many even started boycotting the network. Conservatives around the country were calling for a new conservative network with Bill O’Reilly and Tomi Lahren.

But some new things have happened in Tomi Lahren‘s life. She was fired from her long time employer The Blaze last month after comments suggesting she was pro-life came out. This was met with criticism of The Blaze and people were defending Lahren.

But she has landed on her feet. It has been reported that Lahren has joined a pro-Trump group that aims to help President Trump.

The liberal establishment and mainstream media continue to fight our President at every turn, so it’s critical for all Americans to step up and do all they can to advance the America First agenda,” Lahren said on her new move. “I’m excited to join the Great America team and continue supporting President Trump and help ensure he can deliver on his promises to the American people.”

Lahren recently sued her former employer The Blaze and its boss, Glenn Beck. The suit has ended but not without its fair share of fighting.

“Ms. Lahren is relieved to have this litigation behind her and she looks forward to connecting with her audience and fan base on the pressing political issues facing our country in the days to come,” Lahren’s attorney, Brian Lauten said about the lawsuit.

Tomi Lahren is a good example of a conservative woman who cares deeply about her country. She is a hard worker that will get whatever she works towards. She deserves this opportunity that has been given to her because she is a great conservative woman.




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