Obama Returns From Italy To Face A Huge Lawsuit

President Donald Trump was on his first official tour overseas, and his agenda filled headlines across the country. The President picked the right countries for his first trip, and liberals hate the fact that this tour was an absolute success. Isn’t it strange that the Obamas went to Italy at the same time? This timing says it all.

This trip to Italy is another proof that the Obamas love spending our money. Isn’t it strange that Barack Obama still uses taxpayers’ dollars for his family trips despite the fact he is now out of the White House? What kind of a person do you have to be to do anything like this?

We thought that the Obamas will disappear from public’s eyes for good, but they’d rather be seen at top destinations. Total hypocrites! Some people in this country have nothing to eat, and Obama spoils his daughters in Italy. They could at least spend their own money.

But, it seems like this trip didn’t went well, because it had to end at the most surprising way ever. Barack Obama just heard some bad news, and he won’t be too glad to come back home.

The new reports from the Secret Service and Air Force show that Obama spent $99,714,527.82 in taxpayer money. All these money went for Obama’s family trips. Can you believe this?

For the trip to Key Largo in March 2014 Obama needed more than a million dollars. Who spends a million for a vacation? Not me, that’s a sure bet.

Now the Judicial Watch will sue the US Department of Homeland Security, and seek every document associated with Obama’s trips after he left the White House. Well, this could put him behind bars.

What do you think about this? Will the former president end in jail?




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