Obama Uses More Hypocrisy During Speech

President Donald Trump has been overseas as of late. He has been doing a great job of getting with our allies and trying to talk sense into some of our closest friends. This has needed to be done for a long time and finally we have a president that is willing to stand up for the United States. He has done this by making sure that other countries understand our needs as a country. When he talked with Saudi Arabian officials, he made sure that they understood our need for peace. Hopefully they got it into their heads.

But that has not stopped some liberals from continuing their attacks against President Trump. And the kind of all liberals, Barack Obama, is back.

Obama has been in Germany recently and somehow he got started on the Trump wall. He goes on to say that America should not be blocked by walls. “We can’t hide behind a wall,” he says. Well, it looks like someone can. As he was saying this, workers in Washington DC have been building a wall across his home. This is probably one of the biggest example of hypocrisy we have ever seen.

Obama will do whatever it takes to destroy President Trump. He wants to see him fail in office and he will help him get there. When he comes out with a ridiculous statement like this, you would think that people would be all over him. But for liberals, Obama is like a god. He cannot be wrong in anything he says.

This is what we are having to deal with as conservatives right now. The United States will be much safer once Trump is able to get his wall up.

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