Ivanka And Jared May Leave Washington DC

Liberals just love to bug President Donald Trump, and the new administration faced major problems caused by the anti-Trumps. Although President Trump gained huge success during the first months of his presidency, liberals still hate the idea of having the Trumps in the White House. Yes, we’re talking about Ivanka.

Ivanka faced serious criticism after she was given a role in the new administration. She is now working as an adviser to the President, and this got liberals pretty angry. They accused President Trump of nepotism, but they forgot that Ivanka won’t be paid for her services. Why can’t they see that our administration could really use her ideas?

Ivanka is one of the most successful women in the country, and she’s been working too hard to emphasize the role of women in the society. She worked on many projects, and attended top events.

But, handling the pressure imposed by liberals is too hard and challenging. Ivanka can’t really enjoy her stay in the capital, and we already know who’s responsible for this.

The New York Times wrote that Ivanka and Jared will reconsider their decision to stay in Washington DC every six months. We all heard the story how Ivanka is unsatisfied with how little she achieved under her father’s leadership.

The paper also wrote how Jared also told his friends that they didn’t make any long-term commitment to the White House. Jared has the role of White House Innovations Director, and Ivana is a special adviser to President Trump.

The couple lives in a rented mansion in Kalorama, and this only added to the avalanche of rumors about their leaving from the capital.

What do you think about this information? Do you think Ivanka and Jared are planning to leave Washington DC? What could be the reason for their decision?




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