Host Carlson Attacks Biased Media

President Donald Trump has long warned about the dark cloud that surround us all. We live in the era of fake news, and it’s almost impossible to separate the good guys from the bad guys. Our news are filled with fake information and setups. It seems like former president Barack Obama did a good job during his presidency when he created the perfect soil for the fake formation.

President Trump has been discussing on the matter over and over again. Did anyone listen to him? No, liberals were too loud with their fake stories. To make things even worse, the mainstream media played a huge role in the whole process, and we ended up listening to some more of the fake stuff.

Decent Americans knew that liberal networks are plotting against the President, and that’s the only thing that keeps him in the White House. The President’s loyal supporters respect their leader, and recognize his true values. No liberal lie will ever take this from us.

The mainstream media will keep doing their fake job until they see President Trump out of the Oval Office. But, none of their anti-Trump dreams will come true. They can’t fight against people’s will.

Now Tucker Carlson decided to speak about the biased media and their treatment for President Trump. He proved that the President was right the whole time, and it’s time for every liberal out there to stop undermining President Trump.

Carlson first spoke about the President’s success overseas. The first official foreign trip marked a huge success, and that’s exactly what we all need. President Trump did something no other president has ever done.

The host went on talking about the media’s effort to destroy the President’s success. “Bias may not be the worst thing about the press. The worst thing is how shallow & dumb they mostly are,” he said.

Do you support Carlson? Will liberals keep criticizing President Trump?




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