Gowdy To Take Chaffetz’s Position?

Trey Gowdy is one of the toughest people in the country. He’s been fighting for the right of every American, and Hillary Clinton was his “favorite” target. Gowdy swore that he will make things right, and every Democrat was petrified to hear his statements.

Many would agree that Gowdy is one of the busiest people in the capital, and he amazed everyone with his investigation into Hillary’s role into the Benghazi scandal. Hillary Clinton is the only person that’s responsible for the death of the innocent people who died in Benghazi. She ignored their needs, and left them alone. Now the families are looking for answers and Gowdy will give them right away. This investigation exposed Hillary’s use of the private email server, and this brought her presidential campaign to an end.

Gowdy was also considered as the top candidate for the top position at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. But, Gowdy said that he won’t accept it.

The chairman of the House Oversight Committee in Congress, Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz, may soon resign from this position. “My life has undergone some big changes over the last 18 months. Those changes have been good. But as I celebrated my 50th birthday in March, the reality of spending more than 1,500 nights away from my family over eight years hit me harder than it had before. Though the time away and the travel have been a sacrifice, our family has always been united that public service was the right thing to do. We feel my time in Congress has been well spent, but it now seems the right time to turn the page,” explained Chaffetz. Guess who may take this position?

Do you think Trey Gowdy is the right person for this position? Will this change things in the country? Do you think liberals will try to stop the process? How will they accept this?




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