CNN Calls Melania Trump A “Muslim Woman” On Live TV And It Instantly Backfires

CNN is one of the worst news companies that exists right now. They come after President Trump and his administration every day and it is a nonstop hatefest. Whenever something happens, they will automatically turn it into an attack against Trump. This practice needs to stop immediately and if they do not, they need to face punishment for their actions.

But this time they went way, way too far. CNN came out talking about Melania Trump, like they often do, and called her a Muslim woman on live TV. This is considered the golden standard of reporting?

“The fact that Melania is communicating with the media and the public in Saudi Arabia — mainly through what Saudi news reports have deemed her “classy and conservative” fashion choices — works well in the notoriously anti-woman kingdom. Her intense appeal makes sense, considering the first lady represents so much that Saudi citizens find familiar and can relate to, especially visually,” said CNN.

“Melania walks behind her husband, is quiet and reserved, does not make obvious demands at least not ones we can hear, and most importantly, she looks beautiful and polished,” CNN continued.
“All of that should come as no surprise, given whom Melania is married to. After all, how the Saudi government likes women to behave is similar to how Donald Trump has said he likes women to behave. And they both prefer women to look pretty in pictures, rather than hold actual positions of power,” they went on.

This is a disgusting thing to say about Melania Trump. She is an amazing woman with class AND power. She should not be talked about in this manner and until they stop, they will not be taken seriously. CNN has a lot of work to do before they are considered a good source for news.




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