Tillerson Won’t Hold Ramadan Festivities In The White House

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson did something every decent Americans dream of, and it seems like things will slowly fall to the right spot. Tillerson brought hope to every patriot in the country, and we all support the bold step he just made. He decided to do something about the Ramadan festivities in the White House.

President Donald Trump was on his first official intercontinental tour, and Tillerson handled the situation with ease, and actually restored our faith. President Trump did the right thing to appoint Tillerson for the position he holds at the moment. But, we know who won’t be so happy after hearing what the Secretary of State did to Muslims.

Rex Tillerson decided not to have the traditional Ramadan festivities at the White House. These festivities have become a tradition. Well, it is not that this was a tradition, but Bill Clinton actually tried to make it one.

But, how much do you know about Ramadan? Muslims claim that it’s the month dedicated to introspection, and its supporters fast throughout the day to honor their high cause. The fasting process is supposed to teach individuals that they all depend on God. Fasting brings you closer to the poor. It strengthens the relationship between family members, friends, and God. It’s sad to see how Ramadan has now turned into something real Muslims would never accept.

Ramadan today is that time of the year when fanatics drop bombs, kill innocent people and praise destruction. Radical Islam flourishes in the month of Ramadan, and we are witnesses to many terrorist attacks throughout the world.

People know recognize the term “Ramadan attacks.” We saw these in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. ISIS called for Ramadan massacres last year, and their “soldiers” fought for their “holy” cause. There is nothing holy in killing.

What do you think about the decision Tillerson made? Do you support him?




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