President Trump and First Lady Melania returned back in Washington area after 9-day trip

After a successful nine-day trip overseas, President Trump and First lady Melania has returned in the Washington, DC from their first official foreign trip.

Air Force One landed at Joint Base Andrews moments before 9 p.m. ET on Saturday. President Trump and First Lady Melania left the base by helicopter for the White House.

As we can see from the video, as soon as President Trump and Melania stepped off from Air Force One, they greeted the security team at the airport, and had a little conversation with both of them.

Just 9 hours ago, Trump together with his wife, and the rest of the team took off from Naval Air Station Sigonella, Sicily. Moments before his way home, the president delivered a speech to service members and their families, and saying: “I think we hit a home run.”

Trump’s first foreign trip took him to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Belgium and Italy. It included numerous meetings with world leaders, as well as other presidential duties.

Now as President Trump is back at the White House, he continues with his duties, and is scheduled for a trip to Arlington National Cemetery for a wreath-laying ceremony this Sunday.

What do you think about Trump’s first foreign trip? Did he do well?




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