Obama’s Intel Hacked US Elections

Former president Barack Obama was involved in one of the worst surveillance scandals in the US history. Well, it wasn’t really a surveillance. Maybe we should call it a “spy game?” Obama came up with the most idiotic excuse ever. But, nothing could ever excuse his spying.

New reports say that Obama spied on Americans, and also armed the intelligence against his enemies. By “enemies” we think of Obama’s political opponents and President Donald Trump. The information was confirmed by intelligence officials.

Obama spied on President Trump and other top names in this country. He claimed that President Trump was connected with Russians, and the Russian government helped him to defeat Hillary Clinton. There was no such thing as Russian meddling, but Obama tried to sell the story to everyone. He alarmed people across the country, explaining that Russians hacked the system. The President’s team was also accused of working with Russians.

Obama’s National Security Agency violated privacy protections while spying on US citizens. The data collection under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is part of the matter. The NSA uses it to check the content of electronic communication. The number of these searches bloomed after Obama freed the protections regarding the revelation of the identities concerned.

According to the FISA court, this is a “very serious Fourth Amendment issue” and the NSA analysts did their job with the speed of the light.

The searches targeted private citizens associated with the President’s campaign, and some of the identities were leaked to the mainstream media. Obama’s intelligence officials didn’t have any reason to attach a summary of the dossier on President Trump to the highly classified Russia briefing.

What do you think about this? Do you think Obama will try to hide the evidence of this crimes?




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