Melania And Donald Share A Kiss After Her Speech

If there is one thing that is sure, it is that the liberal media loves to attack the Trump family. At any chance they get they will do their horrible damage and it needs to stop. It looks like it might be starting to take a toll on the family. Nobody is safe, not even the children and that is not okay. The family is forced to live in fear of the attacks in will receive in return.

They have been on a trip as of late. This was good timing as all of the Russian investigation nonsense was starting to be too much to bear for the president. Democrats have been trying to push this investigation as far as it can go even though there is nothing there.

As for the trip, it has been very successful. There have been many things that have happened and many important events that have taken place. President Trump signed an agreement with Middle Eastern countries to try to solve the problem of terrorism. The family had a chance to meet with the Pope, a day that they will not soon forget.

Melania Trump has been a large part of this trip as well. She can be seen wearing many amazing outfits which have caught the eyes of many around her. This has not come without her fair share of attacks. The liberals will not leave her alone.

But after a speech she gave to military members in Italy, something very special happened. Melania and Donald Trump shared a kiss. This has exploded in the liberal community with many news outlets attacking her for having a “sham” marriage. These attacks need to stop.

There is obviously things that we do not know about right now and it would be best to stay out of their way.




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