Melania Trump Makes Fashion Critic Do a Double Take

Almost all of the major fashion observers and critics were stunned by First Lady Melania Trump, as a result of her wearing only the best and most elegant fashion outfits during her overseas trip with her husband, President Trump.

Not only did Melania wear only the top-tier fashion pieces, but she also had her own, custom-made Dolce & Gabbana clothing pieces, which demonstrated the grace and elegance, which we haven’t seen in a First Lady since the former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

Saudi Arabia

While receiving criticism by liberal morons for her not covering her head with a scarf, despite Saudi officials claiming that she wasn’t required to, Melania still left mouths around the nationwide open when she first stepped out of Air Force One, in their first stop overseas. Melania was wearing a stunning black jumpsuit topped off with a few unique accessories.

While she was there, she made a few quick changes into a safari-inspired button-down dress and a violet gown with a flowing cape on another occasion.


Israel was the next stop for America’s most iconic duo, and once again, Melania failed to disappoint. She arrived in Israel only to stun everyone when she stepped out of Air Force One in an all-American Michael Kors strong-shouldered skirt-suit, topped off with a white belt and black sunglasses. Even the Israeli press couldn’t resist but to comment “a statuesque former model with impeccable taste and a figure on which even a potato sack would look sophisticated.”

Next up was her evening look, and she went with a sophisticated black-laced slip that covered most of her legs. The following day at the Holocaust memorial, Melania rocked a white and crème-striped sleeveless dress by designer Roksanda, along with nude heels and no jewelry apart from her wedding ring.

Rome, Italy

When in Rome, she wore a custom-made black coat with gold details on the collar and sleeves. During her meeting with Pope Francis, she also made a conservative black coat-dress which not only was appropriate for the event but made headlines as well.

Finally, she left Italy wearing an Italian-inspired jet-setter topped off with black sunglasses, a black lace dress, and a black purse.

Brussels, Belgium

During her last day of the overseas tour, Melania wore a blue and white gingham belted coat, which perfectly matched her dress underneath.




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