Melania Continues To Turn Heads With Recent Outfit

The First Couple has been on a week long trip around the world recently. They started by visiting Saudi Arabia where the president met with leaders from around the Middle East and made a speech for change. This went over quite well with Saudi leaders as they tried to figure out a plan for getting rid of terrorism. This has been on President Donald Trump’s agenda for a long time. The next place they went was Israel, where they met with leaders from around the country.

The family then went to see the West Wall, a great part of the Jewish faith. This went over quite nicely as well as he is making great strides in the international community. Considering all of the hate he receives from the liberals in the United States, it sure seems like he is respected around the world.

They then went to Italy. This is where they met with Pope Francis in a meeting that went perfectly. There were a few awkward moments here and there, but for the most part, it was great.

Now there Italy trip is coming to an end, but not before they turned a few heads. Melania dropped mouths with her recent outfit. First she wore a $51,500 jacket from Italian designer Dolce & Gabbana.

She has now been pictured in her most recent outfit, a dazzling dress from the same designer. The dress goes for at least $40,000. Liberals have been attacking her for wearing expensive clothing in the past. They will lose their minds on this one. They need to leave her alone.

Need we remind them the expensive outfits that Michelle Obama used to wear? She was the queen of wasting tax payer money. But that is the double standard that the Trump family currently faces.

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