Hillary Gave Classified Information To Foreign Leaders

Americans are aware of the crimes Hillary committed, and the only thing we all hope for is seeing her in prison. She had the courage to run for president, and we still don’t know what made her believe that she could beat President Donald Trump. The President came out with a strong campaign, and Hillary is a corrupted criminal. Should we say more on this?

Democrats accused President Trump of leaking classified information to Russians, but it turns out that WikiLeaks doesn’t share their opinion. It turns out that Clinton actually gave the information to Canadian businessman. The information was associated with the investigation and the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge said that Hillary shared the speech with a group of businessmen in November 2013.

In this speech, she talked about the “sources and methods” of the raid in which Bin Laden was killed. According to Herridge, this information “appears to be a violation of national security.” Well, we knew that Hillary was up to something, and now we even have the evidence of her work behind the curtains.

Hillary told the businessmen that agents managed to track Bin Laden’s Pakistan compound with the help of an intercepted phone.

Dan Maguire, a former special operation official, explained that Hillary disrespected the classified information.

Maguire said that the sharing stuff is an evidence of Hillary’s lack of “integrity and discipline.”

Herridge revealed that the “this was a paid speech by Hillary Clinton. She also added that the government is already taking actions against the former Navy Seal Matt Bissonnette for giving out information in his book No Easy Day.

What do you think about this information? Will WikiLeaks come out with new information on Hillary’s betrayal? What will happen now that we know Hillary’s secrets?




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